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Frequently asked questions

Are the pictures really handmade?

Yes, we make pictures by hand, from collecting flowers to creating and oiling the frame, including burning the logo and subsequent glazing. We are supporters of the beautiful craft of handicrafts.

Is it really a living plant?

Yes, originally yes. Now, however, the plant is dried in its original beauty.

How is the plant preserved?

Plants and flowers are either soaked in special solutions or, after drying, varnished with a special varnish. The plants will last their beautiful color for years to come.

Why is each picture only available as one piece?

Each of our images is original. It is never possible to create the same product due to the use of natural products, so we rely on the sale of individual pictures so that you can see exactly what a given piece looks like.

Can I have a picture created according to my own wishes?

Of course, we will be happy to fulfill your wishes. Write to us at or here in the news and we will agree on everything.

Can the plant or wood fade?

Yes, it can happen. The world around us is working, the sun is shining and even the plants inside the frames are part of this world. it is therefore possible that the color may lighten after a long time. But if you follow our recommendations on the About page, it will take you a long time to make you happy.